CA Express Smog is a STAR Certified Smog
Station owned and operated by a local
business owner in Long Beach since 2011.
Prior to this business, the owner used to own
and operate a Smog Test and Repair. He
was the lead emission repair specialist
himself for over 10 years . With his smog and
repair experiences, he can recommend if he
finds any potential problem(s) so you can
take action to avoid costly smog repair.
CA Express Smog is located in the Mobil
Gas Station. A clean and safe environment
facility in Long Beach. We're located at the
corner of Anaheim St. and Redondo Ave,
East Long Beach.
We're STAR Certified Smog Test Only. That
means we only perform smog check. We
don't do any repair work. Our goals are offer
every customer with exceptional fast service
and unbiased smog check at a competitive
price. With our internet special, you don't
have to shop around to get low price.

We have two service bays and three Smog
Analyzers for fast services. Guarantee your
smog check will be done in 15 minutes or less.

We're located in the Mobil Gas Station, a
clean and safe environment facility in East
Long Beach.
STAR Certified Stations are Smog Check
stations that meet higher performance
standards established by the Bureau of
Automotive Repair.
STAR Certified Stations are allowed to
perform all smog check, including directed
vehicles (Vehicles sent by the DMV in the
biannual renewal letter that directed to STAR
Smog Station), ownership change,
out-of-state vehicle smog check and gross
polluted vehicles.
Non STAR Certified Stations cannot certify
most of earlier model vehicles and high
emitted emission vehicles.
There are two types STAR Smog Stations.
Some STAR Smog Stations are licensed to
perform smog check and repair while others
are licensed to perform smog check test

CA Express Smog is a Licensed Smog
Check Test Only. That means we only do
smog check. We don't perform any kind of
repair work to your vehicle. Therefore you
will get an unbiased smog test result when
you come to CA Express Smog. There is no
repair incentive when your vehicle fail smog
check at our facility.
Types of STAR Certified Stations
What's STAR Certified Station?  
MON - FRI : 8:00am - 5:00pm
SAT: 8:00am - 4:00pm
SUN: 9:00am - 2:00pm
(562) 494 4583
Corner of Redondo Ave and
Anaheim St, inside the Mobil
Gas Station.